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To ease the sales process and registration of Software Control Panels (pdCUE) CUE launches its online registration. To guide you through, we created a simple guide how to purchase and register pdCUE for you and your customers.

Please note that these steps are the only way how to purchase and register pdCUE / pcCUE software.


  1. Your customer places an order for pdCUE.
  2. Their request is forwarded to CUE by placing an order via fax at +420 241 432 446 or e-mail at
  3. CUE sends a pdCUE package containing a CDROM with pdCUE software, Software License, carrying a Serial # and newly Purchase ID, and User Manual pdCUE. If you would like to register your pdCUE before receiving this package, CUE will forward you the Purchase ID and Serial # via e-mail.
  4. After you receive your pdCUE package carrying the Purchase ID and Serial #, please go to Installation and Registration chapter of your User Manual pdCUE before you start with the actual installation.


  1. Select the type of the purchased software (product code).
  2. Select the trailing part of the serial number of the purchased software.
  3. Purchase ID is a number used for the license verification. It is stated in the printed version of the license (the purchase ID has to be written exactly as it appears on the license - upper / lower case letters matter). For example hlc5Gsr1EY.
  4. Mobile device number is a string made of letters and digits generated by the pdCUE Manager software for registration. It is based on MAC address of wireless network adapter – please double-check if the wireless network adapter is active during registration. The Mobile device number is not case sensitive i.e. does not have to be written exactly as it has been generated – upper / lower case letters do not matter). For example 000F6610C95F.
  5. E-mail : To this e-mail address the final copy of the registration will be forwarded to. Please type the e-mail address correctly as the data sent to your e-mail is dedicated for your later reference.
  6. Your registration code will appear here.